Exposed Aggregate

Benefits Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Not sure why exposed aggregate is growing in popularity? There are very good reasons why an increasing number of people are making the decision to use exposed aggregate in their homes and businesses. This option provides a modern and stylish option for your:

- Driveways
- Walkways
- Patios

Also, it is a cost-effective and practical option for your business or home.

An exposed aggregate concrete walkway with hedges on each side
Exposed aggregate concrete patio

What Is Exposed Aggregate?

It is concrete where the top layer has been removed to display a decorative surface that is made out of small stones and pebbles. There are various styles of exposed aggregate that come in different rock shapes and sizes, shades, and colours. If you would like to find the best exposed aggregate for your situation, you can look through Con-Tek Concrete’s online gallery at the various kinds of exposed aggregate that are available.

What are the Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete?



Exposed aggregate can make your footpath or driveway a bit safer. When you use rougher exposed aggregate it can reduce the chances of you slipping and falling when it is raining. Also, exposed aggregate is able to withstand heavy traffic.

Also, it is resistant to skids due to its pebble textured surface which provides it with some added grip. It works very well for pools and outdoor entertainment and kitchen areas, notes the team from Richmond Kitchens. They add “since the concrete around a pool or food preparation area will get wet, it is less likely for slips and falls to occur when exposed aggregate is used. If your driveway is sloped you should consider using exposed aggregate to help lower the chance of accidents occurring. This choice is also popular in kitchens with more and more families opting for this style.”


It Is Long Lasting

Exposed aggregate can make your footpath or driveway a bit safer. When you use rougher exposed aggregate it can reduce the chances of you slipping and falling when it is raining. Also, exposed aggregate is able to withstand heavy traffic.


Low Maintenance

Not much maintenance needs to be done to exposed aggregate. To ensure it is long-lasting, the main thing that you need to do if your area is seal is to re-seal it every few years. Since exposed aggregate has a rough texture, it is good at hiding stains and you won't even notice they are there. It is very easy and hassle-free to clean exposed aggregate. You simply need to use water. You can just hose your drive down once in a while.



Using exposed aggregate is a very cost-effective method for adding some elegance and colour to your business or home. Why settle for something drab and plain when you can instead have colour and texture? Exposed aggregate is available in a spectrum of different colours, pebble sizes and shapes, and various gradients for you to choose from. It is very versatile as well, whatever architectural style or colour palette you use there is a type of aggregate that can complement it.


Easy Construction

When you have the right contractor it is a stress-free and easy process to have exposed aggregate installed. It is very easy for concrete experts to build exposed aggregate.

It is not recommended that beginner DIY builders attempt to install exposed aggregate on their own since the process involves several steps. Don't worry, it is quicker and easier to hire a contractor instead as it is often more cost-effective than trying to do it yourself.

If you are thinking about using exposed aggregate at your business or home, Con-Tek have comprehensive concrete services for local government, commercial, and residential properties.

Create your own little piece of paradise  while enhancing your properties value. This should be as easy and rewarding as actually sitting and enjoying it, so leave the hard work to us. We will work with you every step of the way.

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