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Prepare Your Site for Concrete Installation with Site Excavation and Preparation Services from Hobart’s Con-Tek

Laying down concrete is an art. Whether you are preparing a site for a building foundation, carving out a new spot for a concrete floor or laying down a road, highway, driveway or walkway, the preparation phase will impact the strength and integrity of the concrete. At Con-Tek, we help our clients pave the way for a successful concreting project by offering services for site excavation and site preparation in Hobart.

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Why Site Preparation Matters

Under the right conditions and circumstances, concrete can be extremely strong and durable. It can offer years of longevity with limited maintenance. However, it is important to remember—on any concreting project—that concrete can only be a strong as the soil beneath it. Factors such as soil density, moisture levels in the soil or how flat the area is before the concrete is laid can all impact the strength and performance of the concrete itself.

It is for these reasons that paying proper attention to excavation and site preparation sites is so important. This process is about more than just removing vegetation and digging a hole to make way for a foundation. It also usually involves removing topsoil, evaluating the subgrade, compacting soils at the site where the concrete is going to be laid, placement of fill dirt and more. Only an experienced concrete professional will see the pressing need for these steps enough to make sure that your project is observing each one.

At Con-Tek, our team is made up of those kinds of concrete professionals. If you need an excavation in Hobart, we can help. Our owner, Danny, has been concreting since he was 14, starting as an apprentice to his father and growing into an independent business proprietor. With more than 25 years of concreting experience, Danny knows how to plan projects in a way that maximises the stability, performance and longevity of the concrete installation. No matter the nature of your project, Danny can provide superb site preparation and site excavation in Hobart to ensure the best results. We even stand by all the work we do by giving a two year written guarantee.

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Ensure Quality Concrete Works with Site Preparation and Site Excavation in Hobart

Don’t take chances with your concrete. Repairing or reinstalling concrete in any situation can prove to be a costly and highly inconvenient process. It is far better to take the time and spend the money upfront to make sure that your site is ideally prepared for concrete works.

At Con-Tek, we can provide that preparation. If you need excavation in Hobart, we are the people to call. Not only do we possess more than a quarter century of knowledge on the subtle nuances of concrete, but we also understand how soil types, fill materials, compaction and moisture can impact the long term performance of concrete. By taking advantage of our service for site preparation in Hobart, you can put this knowledge to good use for your projects. Contact us today to get started.

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