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    Expert concrete service in Hobart

    When it comes to the provision of a wide range of concrete services, you need to deal with a team that you can trust. Here at Con-Tek Integrated Services, we provide a diverse range of concrete services from excavation and installation to cutting, shaping, and specialist concrete demolition. Our highly specialised services are backed up by a team of highly qualified tradesmen using the very latest equipment and techniques.

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    Our concrete services include

    • All concrete slabs, paths and driveways
    • Anti-slip concrete
    • Landscaping
    • Resurfacing, resealing and repairing of concrete
    • Decorative concrete coating and coloured concrete
    • Acid cleaning and specialised pressure cleaning
    • Formwork
    • Concrete grinding, cutting, and sawing
    • Excavation, site preparation, and drainage installation
    • Exposed aggregate concrete
    • Retaining walls and slabs (ground level and suspended)
    • Concrete demolition and removal
    • Concrete core cutting
    • Hole sawing

    Specialists in high pressure cleaning

    Before you consider resurfacing your driveways, paths, patios, and other outdoor areas, you should contact us for details of our highly specialised “Rota Head” high-pressure cleaning system. This machine allows us to bring your tired old concrete, textured paving, bricks, and tiling back to life, saving you considerable costs against replacing them.

    Glow in the dark concrete

    Our glow in the dark concrete is also a great safety idea for steps or paths where there is little or no light in the evenings.

    • Available in three colours, green/yellow, aqua blue and royal blue
    • Only requires 15 minutes of a light source to give you up to 12 hours of luminosity
    • Great for entertaining areas and around the pool deck for a subtle ambient glow

    Call Hobart’s experts in a diverse range of concrete services on 0409 310 710 now.

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